Leigh Aardenburg

Leigh Aardenburg MAIBS
Assistant Building Surveyor

Bachelor of Built Environment

Leigh Aardenburg

Leigh Aardenburg

Leigh brings experience from both the local government and retail sectors to provide a high standard of customer service in both inspections and assessments. Leigh’s interpersonal skills saw him managing teams and mentoring new staff within the retail and entertainment sector.

After spending three years studying Civil Engineering Leigh recognised his interest lied within the compliance sector. Upon completing a Bachelor of Built Environment, he has continued to study both project management and a Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying.

Leigh commenced his career in building surveying in 2014 where he was employed as a Graduate Building Surveyor with the City of Busselton in Western Australia. In 2015, he returned to South Australia to work as a Development Officer (Building) with the City of Playford. During this time Leigh gained experience in both the inspection and assessment of domestic building works both in rural and metropolitan areas. With both councils covering large areas of land, Leigh was exposed to both bushfire and sound affected areas along with some commercial developments. Leigh is accredited as an Assistant Building Surveyor with both the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) and the WA Building Commission.

Leigh joins Tecon Australia in the Alice Springs office as an opportunity to further develop his knowledge of both the domestic and commercial fields. Leighs previous experience working in different jurisdictions will support him in developing an understanding of the Northern Territory legislation whilst also dealing with clients operating across the country.

Significant projects …a solid track record.

  • Inspection of 400+ dwelling frames in low to high density construction with houses up to 650m2 in area.
  • Inspection of 100+ swimming pool safety barriers as required by the SA Development Act
  • Assessment and inspections of dwellings in bushfire prone areas
  • Assessment of numerous dwellings and associated structures
  • Assessment of multiple farm buildings, office & retail fit out
  • Assessment of a production factory (Elizabeth North, SA)

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