Kym Roland

I’ve heard on the grapevine that some clients are concerned Tecon might be winding down in the Territory. As the saying goes, ‘rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated’ and in fact quite the opposite is true. We are actually strengthening our staffing arrangements in the Darwin Office and increasing support to the Alice Springs office. Like most businesses in the Territory, Tecon Australia have to deal with the regular occurrence of staff movements and this year there have been a few – all part of the ebb and flow of business. We are now settled again and are excited about the next 12 months as the new staffing arrangements take effect and the industry begins to grow once more.
The bottom line is that Tecon plans to be part of the Territory for the foreseeable future – we’re here to stay. Thank you for your patience over the past six months while we shuffled our deck chairs around. I’ll take the opportunity right here to introduce the staff in our new arrangement.

“…rumours of our death have
been greatly exaggerated!”

Darwin Office

Most would be aware that Bruce Harding left us in January this year and it did take a little while to replace him. We have been fortunate to secure the services of Luis De Araujo, who has joined the Tecon team based in the Darwin office. Luis comes from Perth and is looking to settle in Darwin to further his career in Building Surveying and to strengthen our ties with Timor Leste.

Luis De Araujo

Very much a ‘hands on’ person, Luis’ immense interest in the built environment saw him start out working as a labourer on construction sites, moving on to complete his Master of Architecture in 2010 at the University of Western Australia, working at various architectural firms in parallel with his studies.
Luis is a very ambitious person who looks forward to the challenges that every project brings. His greatest strength is catering to his clients’ needs by drawing on his technical knowledge, whether on small domestic housing or large complex buildings.

Alexandra Hale has been a Teconian for over three and a half years now. Having spent
12 months in our Adelaide office, she embarked on a working holiday in England for 12 months, were she continued to work with us thanks to the miracle of modern computer
systems! Alex then returned to Australia to take up a position in Alice Springs and after 18 months in that office has moved north to the Darwin office.

Alex Hale

Alex started her career in local Government working in the Building Department at the City of Whyalla. During this time she completed the Diploma in Building Surveying through TAFE Tasmania and is currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying.
With five years’ experience in Building Surveying including the last two years working on projects in the Alice Springs area, Alex is a welcome addition to our Alice Springs office.

Alice Springs Office

To fill the void left by Alex’s move to our Darwin office, we have been again been fortunate to have Vera Lukic accept the position in our Alice Springs office, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry.
Vera is a Chartered Building Professional with the Australian Institute of Building who has qualifications in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, supported by significant experience in civil engineering, Building Surveying and asset management. She is a dedicated professional who likes to contribute to her profession and industry in general by sitting on numerous professional committees, presenting at conferences and guest lecturing at the University of South Australia. Not one to rest on her achievements, Vera continues to study and is currently enrolled in the Graduate Diploma Asset Management and the Diploma of Building Surveying.

Adelaide Office

The Adelaide office is always here to support the NT offices as required and while I am always around to guide, encourage and (mis)lead the staff, we also have Kirk Pascoe, who joined the Tecon Team some nine months ago specifically to resource our Northern Territory operation.

Kirk Pascoe

Kirk commenced his professional career in the construction industry in 2008 when he was employed in Local Government as a Cadet Building Surveyor. He completed his Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics with honors in 2011, and since then has worked in both Local Government and the private sector as a building surveying professional.

Kirk is a keen learner and is dedicated to continual development as a professional; this was highlighted in 2013 when Kirk completed further studies in Urban and Regional Planning, allowing him to build on his existing knowledge of the building and development industries.