A proud and dynamic client focused history

For over 20 years Tecon has been committed to delivering real versatility, with broad experience in all buildings ranging from residential to multi-storey, for both private and government clients.


We undertake all required referrals, liaising with the relevant reporting agencies and public authorities in order to assess building solutions, performance solutions, modifications and variations to the relevant legislation.


In addition, we’re committed to ongoing liaison with clients, their consultants and relevant authorities with respect to testing, commissioning and issues relating to occupancy. We’ve built our business on successful, long-term relationships with both clients and industry authorities. Many of the trained professionals that form the Tecon team have multiple qualifications in Architecture, Engineering, Disability Access, Fire Engineering and Planning. This range of skills allows us to assess and provide compliance advice on innovative cost-effective designs, using in-house expertise.

The Tecon Australia Mission

We aim to be an Australia-wide professional development industry consultancy, providing a broad range of innovative and sustainable building surveying services to our clients, whilst also meeting the needs of the wider community.

We pride ourselves in building strong working relationships through taking the time to listen to, understand and work together with our clients.

The Tecon Australia Vision

We are committed to helping clients and the community create a built environment for the future that is safe, durable and environmentally sustainable, through the delivery of excellent building compliance services nationally with particular focus in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Through the success of the practice, we will assist clients to fulfill their aspirations and create growth opportunities for both staff and directors that are challenging and professionally and financially rewarding.

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We can help with your building project from beginning to end.