Advanced Diploma Building Surveying



David’s experience within the construction industry spans a period of over thirty-five years, transitioning from a trade background to practising as a Building Surveyor in 2002.


For the past nineteen years he has worked in the building surveying field reaching the senior management level within local government in WA and in a private consultancy capacity both in Tasmania and Western Australia.


During this time David has been involved as a Building Surveyor bringing a practical approach and technical knowledge to all components of projects within the residential sector and in many large-scale commercial, residential (multi-storey) and multi-unit developments involving a broad range of end uses.


David has extensive experience in providing a full range of building surveying services for all classes of projects from design assessment to regulatory certification and endeavours to provide a high-quality service not just certifying plans at the completion of a design process but providing valuable input, advice and support encompassing key design criteria from initial concept through to project completion.